Sunday, November 19, 2006

Gold Bars in the White Mountains?

Davis Wolfgang Hawke (nee Andrew Britt Greenbaum) the notorious Spam Nazi (aka Spam King) sued by AOL is still missing and apparently incognito. [See here why he is called the Spam Nazi].

Receipts show that Hawke purchased gold jewelry and gold bars--the location of which is also unknown (but AOL is hunting for to collect their court-appointed reward).

AOL has already checked out the land (in 2006) around Hawke's grandparent's home in Massachusetts, and also want to check his parent's land. According to Hawke's former girlfriend, (who he lived with in a rented house in Vermont) the gold is probably in New Hampshire's White Mountains.

Sounds like a field trip with a metal detector is in order.


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Tracy Lee said...

Ha!! That's all we need, people tromping all through the White Mountains with their gear!

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