Sunday, May 28, 2006

A 165,000 pound "Elephant" in New Hampshire

New Hampshire has 15 million of them.

It is estimated that they weigh 165,000 pounds.

What are they? Highway Tokens.

The state decided, with the advent of the EZ-Pass System, they would do away with the use of these "discount" tokens, which of course happened.

These coins are becoming collectors items, and several museums are keeping a few on hand for
historical purposes...

Greg Leedberg states his case AGAINST the New Hampshire EZ-Pass System.


Friday, May 26, 2006

New Hampshire's Disappearing Kisii Kisii

University of New Hampshire students are developing a rulebook for Kisii Kisii, an unwritten language from the highlands of Kenya.

Interestingly in Kisii, "Yaya" means no.

Also, rumor has it that Naomi Nagy and Henry Gekonde wil be grilling a goat soon at a Kenyan-themed dinner. I wonder if they will get it to talk.

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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Ten Ways To Know You Are In New Hampshire

You Know You Are In New Hampshire When:

1. the greatest number of shootings actually occur while hunting.
2. you are looking for Freedom, and all you have to do is drive to Carroll County.
3. your idea of a wild time is attending a NH Fish & Game event.
4. the localvore's major food groups are yogurt, wild game, Budweiser, and fiddleheads.
5. every four years the political signs and posters outnumber the state's population.
6. your idea of an exciting evening is watching moose cross the road or picking ticks off your dog
7. you can tell someone is from out of state because they actually use their vehicle's 'blinkers.'
8.wearing red and black plaid is a fashion statement
9. the road signs don't help you learn where you are going, but they do say "Live Free or Die"
10. you drink "frappes," eat "grinders," wear "dungarees," and call a mountain pass a "notch."

[This is a unique Top Ten List created by Janice Brown of "Only In New Hampshire." Copyright May 2006. If re-used, please include a link to this blog post.]

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Hoffa Reaches Out From Cupcake

OK OK, I admit, these Hoffa Cupcakes are NOT being baked and sold in New Hampshire. I wish they were.

It would be great for tourism right now, while our lovely state is still reeling from the recent flooding and tornado.

I have to say that this news item, even though it is sad for the Hoffa family, is otherwise very creative.

Kudos to Brain and Eggs where I first noticed this, and where a vague reference is made to New Hampshire and Johnnycakes... arggh enough of that please! New Hampshirites don't make or eat Johnnycakes. And maybe they aren't strange enough to eat these cupcakes either.


China and Japan Duke It Out in New Hampshire

A lady bug from Japan (Sasajiscymnus lady beetle) is going toe-to-toe with the Chinese hemlock woolly adelgid in New Hampshire, thanks to the New Hampshire Division of Forest and Lands.

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New Hampshire Birds Not Scaredy Cats

New Hampshire wildlife experts say the recent flooding shouldn’t pose a grave danger to any of New Hampshire’s bird species and could even end up helping some.

In other words, the recent flooding won't scare them away.

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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Exploding New Hampshire Mosquitoes

EXETER NEW HAMPSHIRE - The mosquito population is expected to explode this year after the recent floods.

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The Pot Calling the Kettle Black

PORTSMOUTH, N.H. --Strafford County's domestic violence prosecutor has been arrested on a domestic violence charge. He has resigned from his prosecutor's job.

[we will assume both cooking vessels are cast iron, and that he is innocent, unless proven guilty.]

Biting off more Mount Madison Than They Can Chew

Three hikers from Connecticut ended up calling 911 for assistance on Mount Madison in Thompson and Meserve's Purchase, New Hampshire.

They were lucky. Read more.

New Hampshire Media: Norman Rockwell, and Lobsters, and Murder--Oh My!

A famous museum... a shocking murder... a distinguished symbologist... an alluring cryptologist... secrets written in code

After reading the best-selling book (you either know the name by now, or you have been living under a rock) New Hamphire attorney Alfred Thomas Catalfo wrote a script, directed, and also acted in his spoofy short film, "The Norman Rockwell Code." [see it at this link]

If you enjoy New England humor, or the Andy Griffith Show, it is definitely worth your time to watch this 35-minute movie. Catalfo refers to his creation as a "comic homage" to Brown's book. This post isn't a "spoiler," so instead I'll briefly comment on a few of the actors, and let you write your own review...

Mike Walsh has a consistent performance as Langford, and I give him alot of credit for not cracking up at his own words.

Danica Carlson plays the role of "Sopha" and honestly she is a better actress than Audrey Tautou.

Fritz Wetherbee portrays the Curator, and his yellow rubber fishing waders brought tears to my eyes.

I'll never visit Nubble Light near York, Maine again without thinking of this film.


-Important Links-
Movie: The Da Vinci Code (because I loved the movie, though it could have been better)

Monday, May 22, 2006

New Hampshire Not Known for Breeding

New Hampshire isn't known for breeding ..." said Emily Hughes, the new Miss New Hampshire. "This is my opportunity to change that."

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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Fifty Humanoids Invade Vernal Pool

Last Saturday approximately fifty humanoid beings invaded amphibian territory, rudely observing the intimate egg-laying moments of the native residents.

"I'd hate to be that frog," one of the adults was overheard to say. "Don't rubbit in," stated the spokestoad for the group.

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Missing Link Found in Exeter New Hampshire

The American Independence Museum is celebrating its 15th anniversary next weekend.

A great number of historical artifacts will be on display. They are a concrete link between activities of the past, and the present.

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Man Goes to Extreme Lengths to Disprove Fiction

Fiction is, well, a story that is made up, correct? And it is NOT factual.

So why did Sri spend so much time writing and lecturing to disprove something that is fiction?

Can you spell, o-p-p-o-r-t-u-n-i-s-t?


New Hampshire Neighbors Tested for Temperament

Before a homeless New Hampshire Rottweiler is assigned to a new home, they are temperament tested for human interaction, food and toy possessiveness, and behavior with other animals...

Wouldn't it be nice if people had to be tested the same way before they were allowed to move into your neighborhood (and especially next door)?


Saturday, May 20, 2006

Strange Appearance in New Hampshire

In a strange twist of fate, Lake Titicaca, usually located between Peru and Brazil, has suddenly shown up in New Hampshire.

Go figure... or is that "Whizbang!"


Da Vinci Code Responsible for New Hampshire Flooding?

In a strange twist of interpretation, some people may be blaming the Da Vinci Code book for New Hampshire's recent flooding.

The photograph is of Merrimack New Hampshire, during the Flood of 1936, when people did not have Dan Brown to blame.

Direct Descendant of Mary Magdalene In New Hampshire

I found a direct descendant of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, living right here in New Hampshire.

His verification of this fact, was illuminating to say the least.

He is "wildly excited about all the hoopla."