Thursday, May 25, 2006

Ten Ways To Know You Are In New Hampshire

You Know You Are In New Hampshire When:

1. the greatest number of shootings actually occur while hunting.
2. you are looking for Freedom, and all you have to do is drive to Carroll County.
3. your idea of a wild time is attending a NH Fish & Game event.
4. the localvore's major food groups are yogurt, wild game, Budweiser, and fiddleheads.
5. every four years the political signs and posters outnumber the state's population.
6. your idea of an exciting evening is watching moose cross the road or picking ticks off your dog
7. you can tell someone is from out of state because they actually use their vehicle's 'blinkers.'
8.wearing red and black plaid is a fashion statement
9. the road signs don't help you learn where you are going, but they do say "Live Free or Die"
10. you drink "frappes," eat "grinders," wear "dungarees," and call a mountain pass a "notch."

[This is a unique Top Ten List created by Janice Brown of "Only In New Hampshire." Copyright May 2006. If re-used, please include a link to this blog post.]


Anonymous said...

What about You know you're in New Hampshire when you hear
"Geezum Crow". Or when you don't like to see Massachusetts aka "Flatlander" folk in your town!
-Small town NH Native

Janice said...

LOL on Geezum Crow. I've been known to say that myself!