Tuesday, May 23, 2006

New Hampshire Media: Norman Rockwell, and Lobsters, and Murder--Oh My!

A famous museum... a shocking murder... a distinguished symbologist... an alluring cryptologist... secrets written in code

After reading the best-selling book (you either know the name by now, or you have been living under a rock) New Hamphire attorney Alfred Thomas Catalfo wrote a script, directed, and also acted in his spoofy short film, "The Norman Rockwell Code." [see it at this link]

If you enjoy New England humor, or the Andy Griffith Show, it is definitely worth your time to watch this 35-minute movie. Catalfo refers to his creation as a "comic homage" to Brown's book. This post isn't a "spoiler," so instead I'll briefly comment on a few of the actors, and let you write your own review...

Mike Walsh has a consistent performance as Langford, and I give him alot of credit for not cracking up at his own words.

Danica Carlson plays the role of "Sopha" and honestly she is a better actress than Audrey Tautou.

Fritz Wetherbee portrays the Curator, and his yellow rubber fishing waders brought tears to my eyes.

I'll never visit Nubble Light near York, Maine again without thinking of this film.


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