Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Hoffa Reaches Out From Cupcake

OK OK, I admit, these Hoffa Cupcakes are NOT being baked and sold in New Hampshire. I wish they were.

It would be great for tourism right now, while our lovely state is still reeling from the recent flooding and tornado.

I have to say that this news item, even though it is sad for the Hoffa family, is otherwise very creative.

Kudos to Brain and Eggs where I first noticed this, and where a vague reference is made to New Hampshire and Johnnycakes... arggh enough of that please! New Hampshirites don't make or eat Johnnycakes. And maybe they aren't strange enough to eat these cupcakes either.



Perry Dorrell, aka PDiddie said...

Hey! Thanks for the linky love, but the Johnnycakes thing was from the Sopranos. Blame Jon Stewart.

I had no idea that New Hampshireites were sensitive about johnnycakes. I'll tread more lightly in the future.

Janice said...


I love your blog.

I do realize its not your fault about Johnnycakes, just they were never a New Hampshire breakfast item (I have NEVER seen them on a NH restaurant menu).

They are popular in Rhode Island actually. They even have a Johnnycake Preservation Society there.

Thanks for treading lightly lol