Sunday, May 21, 2006

Fifty Humanoids Invade Vernal Pool

Last Saturday approximately fifty humanoid beings invaded amphibian territory, rudely observing the intimate egg-laying moments of the native residents.

"I'd hate to be that frog," one of the adults was overheard to say. "Don't rubbit in," stated the spokestoad for the group.

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Sissy Willis said...

I love your blog! Just discovered you in my Site Meter stats. :)

Vernal pools were the joy of my childhood on a colonial-era farm in East Kingston. Most memorable was the time we kids bagged -- bucketed? -- hundreds of tadpoles, left the buckets outside on the porch and were dismayed to discover the next morning that every one of the little buggers had developed its legs in the night and hopped away beyond our greedy clutches.

Here's another NH blog you might want to add to your Cow Hampshire's blogroll:

Janice said...


Thanks for the post, and for the url suggestion for my Cow Hampshire site. I added it today.

Your blog is one of my favorites :)